Association Management, Event Planning, Fundraising Management

We take pride in finding that the organizations we work with experience more streamlined day-to-day activities. They also see a growth in membership with greater chapter visibility, and a growth in treasury due to increased and focused fundraising efforts. Event management clients appreciate the attention to detail and dedication to the success of their event.



  • Handles all daily activities of the organization

  • Facilitates organizational communication to members and potential guests

  • Organizes board meetings

  • Performs treasurer duties

  • Plans and executes all education and social events

  • Maintains member listing database, renewals, and contact with national organizations

  • Develops and maintains a social media presence



  • Secures nationally known professional speakers

  • Files for all appropriate Continuing Education approval and submits attendance records after
    the event

  • Responsible for all aspects of presenting the program including venue, food, technical needs, program agenda, and room set-up

  • Spearheads completion of all marketing and graphic design media, from development to distribution

  • Develops and adheres to budgets, facilitating all sponsorship donations, registrations, and payments to vendors and speakers




  • Develops strategies to raise money

  • Distributes invitations to all potential guests

  • Maintains entire registration and payment process

  • Facilitates checkout procedure of auction items

  • Arranges all physical needs at the venue



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